How to reverse grey hair?

reverse grey hair

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Have you ever fought the feeling of plucking grey hair, but in doing so, you fear the greys spreading all over? Have you ever noticed a strand of grey peeking out from your once vibrant mane? While greying hair is a natural part of ageing, premature greying is a big concern for many. Fear not thereafter for Abhyanjana, a leader in hair care natural products, offers a wealth of knowledge on how to reverse grey hair and achieve the luscious and healthy locks that you longed for.

Let us look at what it is and how to reverse grey hair 

Greying of hair, also known as Canities, causes premature greying of hair. It occurs at different ages in different regions. As age progresses, the melatonin pigment degenerates, leading to losing the black colour of the pigment with the hair follicles becoming more transparent, silver or grey.

Reasons/Causes for Premature Grey Hair 

It is crucial to understand the underlying cause of your greying to implement an effective solution for reversing grey hair. Let us see how premature greying is caused-
grey hair

Power of using Natural Ingredients in Reversing Grey Hair 

Just like baldness, as a condition, there’s no magic spell to completely reverse grey hair. However, using natural or home remedies for grey hair offers a steady and holistic approach that cuts the pace of the greying process, promoting pigmentation, and improved follicular growth. Let us get into a bit of a detailed benefits of plant-based products for reversing premature greying-

Reversing premature greying the Natural Way  

Here are some healthy practices through natural approaches to reverse grey hair which can be followed at home. The results may not be immediate, as it is a natural process, with the transformation happening from within. It is wise to follow the best practices according to your body type. For more information on how to know your body type and the elements best suited to it, we suggest you visit a certified doctor for consultation before starting a new regime such as these-
Home Remedies for Grey Hair

Choosing Organic Ingredients as an Option for Grey Hair Treatment 

If you are someone who has tried many advanced, inorganic treatment options with lots of medicines to swallow and experiencing side effects, you can look towards the ancient wisdom from our ancestors with Abhyanjana hair care products, especially using home remedies for grey hair. Using natural remedies focuses on incorporating plant-based ingredients in a researched and balanced approach to promote internal cleansing of our body, right from the hair to the toe. Experimenting with organic and natural hair care treatment with Abhyanjana Products such as Ukti and Samasti Hair Oil, is a tested and proven safe way to reverse grey hair. Abhyanjana team of certified experts use botanical extracts and oils to take care of hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, and premature greying. nourish the scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and combat common concerns for a healthy, natural path to beautiful hair.
Abhyanjana’s Ukti, a natural hair scrub, made with the finest quality of a blend of gently removes dead skin cells and impurities from the scalp, promoting hair growth and preventing premature greying. The Ukti is made with a blend of powerful herbs like Shikakai, soapnut (reetha), Neem leaves, hibiscus leaves, Brahmi leaves, and Amla powder.

A span of 45 minutes for a scalp massage using our nourishing Samasti Hair Oil, which is a blend of the best natural ingredients for hair growth such as Coconut oil, Guava leaves, and Bhringaraj, can create a relieving hair care routine. Using both Samasti Hair Oil and Ukti scrub can prove most effective and nourishes your scalp to promote healthy, youthful hair and reduce and may reverse grey hair altogether.
reverse grey hair oil

What Natural Ingredients are Good for Fighting Grey Hair? 

While each person’s hair and scalp type are unique, natural hair care treatments are so intricately researched with a few combinations of oils and natural herb extracts proving to work wonders on any ailment that person is undergoing.  Natural hair care ingredients offer a holistic approach with botanical extracts and oils. Using specific herbs like Amla, Haritha, Bhringraj, and Ashwagandha predominantly target greying, and including practices like stress management and all-weather protection promote overall hair health. These two lasting approaches can help prevent further greying and keep your strands luscious and healthy.

Remember, consulting acertified hair care practitioner can help you create a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and constitution. Consistently using Abhyanjana’s hair care treatment, and home remedies using natural products, can prove to be a blessing, when your body responds to these body and hair care regime


By incorporating these natural practices and Abhyanjana’s natural plant-based hair care products like Ukti and Samasti Hair Oil into your routine, you can fight and reverse grey hair and achieve stronger and healthier lustrous locks. Taking utmost care to maintain consistency is the key. With a powerful combination of the wisdom of traditional plant-based products and Abhyanjana’s expert knowledge of scientific and proven traditional treatments, you get to witness the transformative power of nature in your body, mind and soul.

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