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The Samasti hair oil is filled with a blend of the best natural ingredients for hair growth Such as Coconut oil, Guava leaves, Bhringaraj and many more. The all-in-one hair oil is crafted by amma to nurture, protect, and maintain a healthy environment for your hair growth without harsh chemicals. The hair oil also offers many benefits by including enhanced nourishment, improved scalp health, and increased hair strength as each ingredient is chosen for its unique properties to support and stimulate hair growth.  
  1. Improves hair texture
  2. Reduces dandruff
  3. Repairs damaged roots
  4. Reduces hair loss
  5. Prevents baldness
1. Take a generous amount of Samasti Hair Oil.
2. Gently massage the scalp evenly from the hair root to tip.
3. The oil works effectively if left at least 45 minutes or overnight before shampoo.
4. For the best results, use 2 to 3 times a week.
1. COCONUT OIL: Prevents hair fall.  
2. NEEM: Regulates blood flow to the scalp.
3. ALOE VERA: Reduces itchy scalp.  
4. BHRINGRAJ: Prevents premature greying of hair.  
5. ONION: Prevents hair breakage.  
6. CURRY LEAVES: Adds natural shine to the hair.
7. GUAVA LEAVES: promotes growth of stronger hair. 


Protect your hair with natural care

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Seals split ends

Control Hair Fall

Boost hair growth

Treats dandruff & scalp infections

Boost Hair

Strengthens your hair roots

Prevents grey hair and restore natural hair color

Trestles Dandruff
Prevents Hair
Seals Split Ends

Prevents grey hair and restore natural hair color

Prevents Hair

Controls hair fall

Seals Split Ends

Seals split ends

Protect Your Natural

Boost hair growth

Boost Hair
Trestles Dandruff

Strengthens your hair roots

Treats dandruff & scalp infections

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How to apply

Take a generous amount of Samasti Hair Oil

The oil works effectively if left at least 45 minutes or overnight before shampoo

Gently massage the scalp evenly from the hair root to tip

For the best results, use 2 to 3 times a week

Take a generous amount of Samasti Hair Oil

Gently massage the scalp evenly from the hair root to tip

The oil works effectively if left at least 45 minutes or overnight before shampoo

For the best results, use 2 to 3 times a week

Have Questions About Our Product?

Which is the best hair oil?
The best hair oil is Samasti Hair Oil due to its natural ingredients that promote hair growth and strength. It deeply nourishes the scalp and improves hair texture, making it healthy and shiny.
Apply Samasti hair oil throughout the scalp and massage the oil gently with your clean fingertips from the scalp to the ends, either before or after shampooing, based on your hair type and texture.
Samasti hair oil can be applied 2 to 3 times a week and adjusted based on your hair’s requirements.
Use Samasti hair oil to treat your hair, in the night, leave it overnight for conditioning, and to hold still the flyaways while waking up.
Many oils offer different benefits! But Samasti hair oil is the right one according to your needs. Coconut oil gives shiny hair benefits, gingelly oil brings thickness, and castor oil tames frizz.
Samasti Hair oil benefits are many. It acts as a lubricant that adds moisture, shine, easy management, and protection from harm and soothes a dry flaky scalp.
On average, you can leave the oil pack for 45 minutes or overnight, depending on the hair oil benefits to apply and your desired style and effect.
Yes, as it acts as a lubricant for the body, but the amount and oil choice may vary. Lighter hair oil like Bhringaraj oil is best for thin hair and is a hair fall control oil, and coconut oil for thick hair.
Yes, overnight leaving a Samasti hair oil pack can be a deep conditioning treatment. Choose a light oil and wash completely in the morning.
Take a generous amount of Samasti hair oil, sufficient to coat your hair. More of it can be added later.
With a carefully formulated potion, it helps you achieve healthy lustrous hair and also reduces dandruff, baldness drying of hair and scalp infection.

37 reviews for Samasti Hair Oil

  1. Ramya

    Abyanjana “Samasti” hair oil is a very good product, received it on time and the packaging was also good, I am already started using and reduced my dandruff and hair fall, oil smell is also very pleasant, I would recommend this product to people who have dandruff, and hair fall, and greying.

  2. Rakshika

    Best oil for hair fall. I had a lot of hair fall and damaged hair. After using ABYANJANA hair oil my hair fall has been stopped and growth has been started. And also oil smells like perfume I really love this I’m using this product for 1 months working good.

  3. haripriya

    After using this for a week now I can say that it is best value for money.

  4. Anju

    Nice product

  5. Anusha (verified owner)

    Really I dnt expect…I have lot of hair fall problems last 2 years, I tried many hair mask,serum,home made oil but no use,but your oil make me happy… really you guys makes something magic in this hair oil….thank you so much….

  6. Ananth

    I want to that hair oil. Buy a next month

  7. pralakya

    Nice product

  8. Akshata

    Very effective hair oil.

  9. S Arul


  10. Suresh (verified owner)

    Suresh s/o PANNIRSELVAM Kolthepalayam namakkal 637019

  11. Prayagraj

    I am use this product for few days and i am feel many benefits of this product.

  12. Thamarai selvi


  13. Niharika

    guys i’m using your hair oil from last 15 days first i got hairfall now its reduced also no dandruff, i want to buy another any offer ?

  14. pravin (verified owner)

    thank you your oil is superb

  15. Satya veni Pothula (verified owner)

    Thank you so much abhayanjana oil

  16. manish

    I highly recommend Abhyanjana samasti hair oil.

  17. smita

    I’ve used many hair oils and my hair absolutely loves this one.

  18. monika

    I used this product on my hair and it feels so amazing. My hair look shiny and smells beautiful.

  19. Harika Prasad

    I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. She’s extremely happy with her results.

  20. sunita

    this smells so good 🥰 but also my scalp feels beyond moisturized and clean.

  21. shreaya

    Hi, I saw someone on Instagram recommend this and I’m amazed by how healthy my hair feels!

  22. shweta

    Natural haGreat product!

  23. shweta

    Great product!

  24. kavyash

    Always been my favorite oil.

  25. Bharathi


  26. Nandani

    ts truly value for the money,
    My hair got smoothen like never before,
    Scent is very decent
    I truly recommend this product

  27. Jagannath Rishi

    Great product!

  28. 7760001387


  29. Anupama


  30. Sunitha (verified owner)

    After using this oil , my hair is now much smoother

  31. Beena

    My dandruff has completely vanished now using this oil

  32. Jaya

    Thanks to this oil, i now have no frizziness

  33. Driti

    this oil is probably my best purchase

  34. Driti

    this hair oil has helped me so much in my hair growth

  35. Rahul

    i can totally see less of my bald spots now thanks to this oil

  36. Daniel

    totally worth the price!!

  37. Smruti

    i can notice my hair getting thicker and thicker after using this product

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