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Emerged from a tradition of natural remedies, starting with a grandmother’s handcrafted hair oil made from homegrown ingredients. This recipe was perfected by a devoted mother for her son’s self-care needs. Each product of Abhyanjana is organically made and free from harmful chemicals, embodies love, tradition, and a nurturing spirit with organically sourced ingredients Abhyanjana continues its legacy of high-quality, organic hair care rooted in love, tradition, and a nurturing spirit passed down through generations.

Crafted with love care

We use materials that are organically grown and naturally sourced ingredients. All our products are tested to ensure they are safe and maintain the standard benchmark.
Old Recipe

Our Customer Stories

After years of experimenting with oils. I seem to have found something that truly suits my frizzy, dry hair. My hair fall has significantly reduced! The extra conditioning truly works. Love it thoroughly..

- Amit Mehta

It's a very good oil to use.... The best part of this oil is its naturally processed oil... You can see natural ingredients in it... It stops hair fall soon.. It's a best anti HAIR FALL OIL.... Love to use it. Thank you so much...

- Sonali Verma

This is very effective for hair I used it for two months ago and I realized my hair falls have stopped, nothing can be better than Abhyanjana Samasti hair oil... This oil suit my hair perfectly, thank you...

- Rakhshita Reddy

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